Almanac Change

To enhance readability, the Almanac section on the main page (“City”) now has rounded temperatures. This should make it easier to scan that information quickly.

If you’re looking for exact temperatures in tenths of a degree, please visit weather history for a complete archive of past conditions.

Merry Christmas!

Were Those Snow Squalls?

During the 2:00 – 4:30 PM time frame on Tuesday afternoon (12/17/19), Marquette saw two distinct lines of heavy snowfall that spanned approximately 75-100 miles west to east on radar (~ 10 miles north to south). The first hit about 2:15 PM EST. A second line had formed 2 hours later. Both only lasted for about 15-30 minutes. In between were light to moderate lake-enhanced snow showers. During each burst of snowfall, visibility dropped well below a quarter mile and winds were gusting near or above 20 mph in town according to our instruments and the U.S. Coast Guard station.  Continue reading “Were Those Snow Squalls?”

Small Bug Fix on Main Page

For the past week or so, if you clicked on Page Options (wheel icon) in the upper right corner of the home page (a.k.a. “City”) and selected “metric” units, you couldn’t return to “imperial” units. The only way to see imperial units of measure (Fahrenheit, inches, mph, etc) on the home page after selecting metric would have been to clear your browser’s cookies.

Visitors should now be able to toggle between the two options at will without issue.

Sorry about that!

Post Thanksgiving Winter Storm Recap

That was quite the winter storm for the 1st day of December! Three blocks south of downtown, we unofficially recorded a 12.1″ snowfall total. The official city COOP station near the lakefront reported 12.9″. That’s a new daily snowfall record for Marquette, assuming that number is confirmed by the local National Weather Service office. There was one other (unofficial) report in town of 13″.

Turns out, the storm concentrated its efforts further north than originally thought. More of Wisconsin was supposed to be in the mix. So my fears of it moving south and leaving us with another underwhelming snow total, as happened just 4 days beforehand, proved to be, let’s just say, “slightly off target”. Like a dart in the door frame.

Then there was the issue that so-called Winter Storm “Ezekiel” gave us twice the liquid precipitation (what you get when you melt a quantity of snow) than was modeled!

Also, during part of the morning and early afternoon, Lakes Huron and Superior hooked up to make extra snow.

Well, at least we had a beautiful sunny day to dig out!