Snow Measurements

Fall 2023 – Spring 2024

Seasonal Total: 0.0” (+ estimated snow: 0.0″)

Daily Entries:

  • TBA


  1. This is an informal record of new snowfall measured at a private residence a few blocks from downtown Marquette, Mich.
  2. Measurements occur as time, health, and weather permits using two white, plastic 16″ x 16″ snow boards placed in a relatively open area.
  3. Normal procedure during continuous snowfall is to measure no more than every 6 hours and clear the snow board(s). If spot measurements are performed, boards will be left uncleared until at least 6 hours elapses. If snowfall has tapered off or the observer’s schedule cannot accommodate, we may opt to measure sooner.
  4. When significant drifting or wind loss occurs, we may opt to report an estimate which will be noted as such. Estimates are based on liquid gauge amounts, NOHRSC snowfall analysis, AHPS quantitative precipitation estimates, nearby reports, and eyeball surveys of our property.
  5. Single bulleted entries encompass the previous 24 hours. Multiple entries per day represent amount since last entry.
  6. A “trace” means snow fell but did not accumulate at least 0.1″.
  7. Liquid equivalent (melted snow/ice) measurements for each day can be found on the weather history page. Our gauge is checked daily.
  8. To view official snow observations for the city, please visit NOAA NOWData and select “Marquette, MI” as the “Location”, “Daily data for a month” as the “Product”, select the current month under “Options” and press “Go”.
  9. To view reports from around the area, visit the NWS Snowfall Reports page.
  10. Local online media are free to use this information as long as there is a link back to this page. TV/radio reports must credit the source (i.e. “courtesy of”). For NWS Marquette, our CoCoRaHS station location “1 SSW Marquette” is sufficient.
  11. To see past year(s), visit the Snow Measurement Archive category page.
  12. TBD = To be determined or TBA = To be announced
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