Expanded Hourly Forecast Now Available

The graphical hourly forecast on the CITY page now looks ahead 48 hours (previously only 24 hours). This should be particularly helpful during long-lasting storm events.

Accuracy beyond 72 hours is lacking in hourly forecasts. 48 hours seems to be the sweet spot now in terms of accuracy and usability. Beyond that, one is forced to scroll through endless tiles looking at information that is going to change significantly in the next 12-24 hours.

The hourly (yellow) & daily (light blue) forecasts are scrollable on mobile devices, trackpads, and mice. On touchscreens, just swiping left will allow you to scroll into the future. On Mac trackpads — same thing — use 2 fingers and swipe left over forecast icons. On PCs and desktop Macs, you need to position the cursor over the forecast tiles and then hit shift and use the mousewheel (scroll up to go forward in time and down to go backward). You can also navigate using a keyboard by pressing tab, then return/enter (to skip the navigation and go straight to the content area), and then press tab repeatedly until it highlights the hourly forecast area. Then you can use the directional arrows.

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