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Observations began July 2015

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Daily History


HourHigh TempLow TempAvgHigh Heat IndexAvg Heat Index
12:00 AM44.7°44.2°44.4°44.7°44.4°
01:00 AM44.4°43.8°44.1°44.4°44.1°
02:00 AM44.6°44.2°44.4°44.6°44.4°
03:00 AM44.5°43.5°44.2°44.5°44.2°
04:00 AM43.6°43.0°43.3°43.6°43.3°
05:00 AM43.6°43.1°43.3°43.6°43.3°
06:00 AM43.8°43.1°43.4°43.8°43.4°
07:00 AM44.3°43.6°44.0°44.3°44.0°
08:00 AM45.1°43.6°44.5°45.1°44.5°
SUMMARYHigh TempLow TempAvgHigh Heat IndexAvg Heat Index


HourHigh HumidityLow HumidityAvg HumidityHigh Dew PointLow Dew PointAvg Dew Point
12:00 AM71%67%70%35.7°34.1°35.1°
01:00 AM72%69%70%35.8°34.3°35.0°
02:00 AM72%69%70%35.9°34.8°35.2°
03:00 AM72%68%70%35.6°34.5°35.0°
04:00 AM71%68%70%34.7°33.3°34.1°
05:00 AM72%69%71%34.9°34.0°34.5°
06:00 AM72%69%71%35.2°33.9°34.5°
07:00 AM70%64%68%34.9°32.8°34.0°
08:00 AM71%65%69%36.1°32.9°34.9°
SUMMARYHigh HumidityLow HumidityAvg HumidityHigh Dew PointLow Dew PointAvg Dew Point


HourHigh SustainedLow SustainedAvg SustainedHigh GustLow GustAvg GustAvg DirectionWind Run
12:00 AM8.0 mph5.0 mph6.6 mph22.0 mph14.0 mph17.3 mph350° N6.6 mi
01:00 AM9.0 mph5.0 mph6.7 mph22.0 mph13.0 mph17.2 mph8° N6.7 mi
02:00 AM8.0 mph4.0 mph6.2 mph18.0 mph13.0 mph15.8 mph10° N6.2 mi
03:00 AM7.0 mph4.0 mph5.1 mph17.0 mph11.0 mph16.0 mph13° NNE5.1 mi
04:00 AM7.0 mph4.0 mph5.2 mph16.0 mph12.0 mph13.1 mph4° N5.2 mi
05:00 AM7.0 mph4.0 mph5.5 mph16.0 mph12.0 mph14.3 mph2° N5.5 mi
06:00 AM6.0 mph4.0 mph4.8 mph16.0 mph10.0 mph12.8 mph5° N4.8 mi
07:00 AM7.0 mph4.0 mph5.4 mph16.0 mph12.0 mph14.3 mph0° N5.4 mi
08:00 AM5.0 mph3.0 mph4.1 mph13.0 mph8.0 mph12.0 mph12° NNE4.0 mi
SUMMARYHigh SustainedLow SustainedAvg SustainedHigh GustLow GustAvg GustAvg DirectionWind Run
Max9.0 mph5.0 mph6.7 mph22.0 mph14.0 mph17.3 mph6.7 mi
Min5.0 mph3.0 mph4.1 mph13.0 mph8.0 mph12.0 mph4.0 mi
Avg7.1 mph4.1 mph5.5 mph17.3 mph11.7 mph14.8 mph5° N5.5 mi
Total49.6 mi




HourHigh PressureLow PressureAvg Pressure
12:00 AM30.35"30.33"30.34"
01:00 AM30.35"30.34"30.35"
02:00 AM30.37"30.35"30.36"
03:00 AM30.38"30.36"30.37"
04:00 AM30.40"30.38"30.39"
05:00 AM30.42"30.40"30.41"
06:00 AM30.44"30.41"30.42"
07:00 AM30.45"30.44"30.45"
08:00 AM30.46"30.44"30.45"
SUMMARYHigh PressureLow PressureAvg Pressure


HourHigh UVLow UVAvg UVHigh RadiationLow RadiationAvg RadiationTotal Radiation
12:00 AM0.00.00.00 W/m20 W/m20 W/m20.00 MJ/m2
01:00 AM0.00.00.00 W/m20 W/m20 W/m20.00 MJ/m2
02:00 AM0.00.00.00 W/m20 W/m20 W/m20.00 MJ/m2
03:00 AM0.00.00.00 W/m20 W/m20 W/m20.00 MJ/m2
04:00 AM0.00.00.00 W/m20 W/m20 W/m20.00 MJ/m2
05:00 AM0.00.00.00 W/m20 W/m20 W/m20.00 MJ/m2
06:00 AM0.00.00.00 W/m20 W/m20 W/m20.00 MJ/m2
07:00 AM0.00.00.05 W/m20 W/m21 W/m20.00 MJ/m2
08:00 AM0.00.00.0107 W/m25 W/m251 W/m20.18 MJ/m2
SUMMARYHigh UVLow UVAvg UVHigh RadiationLow RadiationAvg RadiationTotal Radiation
Max0.00.00.0107 W/m25 W/m251 W/m20.18 MJ/m2
Daytime Avg0.040 W/m20.09 MJ/m2
Total0.18 MJ/m2
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Monthly History


DayHigh TempLow TempAvg (NWS)AvgHDDCDDHigh Heat IndexAvg Heat Index
Sep 0187.8°57.3°72.5°72.9°0.07.988.5°73.0°
Sep 0290.2°66.1°78.0°77.0°°77.2°
Sep 0374.3°50.6°62.5°59.2°°59.2°
Sep 0461.7°48.4°55.0°55.0°°55.0°
Sep 0566.9°46.6°57.0°56.2°°56.2°
Sep 0670.7°49.4°60.0°60.4°°60.4°
Sep 0772.9°58.3°65.5°66.2°°66.2°
Sep 0885.3°59.0°72.0°71.9°0.06.984.6°71.9°
Sep 0985.0°59.0°72.0°69.0°°69.1°
Sep 1060.3°55.2°57.5°58.0°°58.0°
Sep 1161.8°54.1°58.0°57.8°°57.8°
Sep 1264.7°57.4°61.0°61.1°°61.1°
Sep 1372.1°49.3°60.5°60.5°°60.5°
Sep 1459.1°46.2°52.5°55.6°°55.6°
Sep 1574.1°45.5°60.0°61.0°°61.0°
Sep 1671.5°61.0°66.0°64.8°°64.8°
Sep 1783.3°63.4°73.0°70.6°0.05.685.2°70.8°
Sep 1875.1°61.3°68.0°67.5°0.02.575.1°67.5°
Sep 1975.6°58.9°67.5°64.8°°64.8°
Sep 2084.4°60.1°72.0°71.3°0.06.386.6°71.5°
Sep 2171.6°47.9°60.0°62.4°°62.4°
Sep 2253.8°42.8°48.5°49.0°°49.0°
Sep 2365.6°38.8°52.5°51.7°°51.7°
Sep 2454.8°49.8°52.5°52.6°°52.6°
Sep 2560.7°48.8°55.0°52.9°°52.9°
Sep 2652.8°45.7°49.5°49.7°°49.7°
Sep 2746.0°42.9°44.5°44.5°°44.5°
Sep 2845.1°43.0°44.0°44.0°°44.0°
SUMMARYHigh TempLow TempAvg (NWS)AvgHDDCDDHigh Heat IndexAvg Heat Index
ThresholdsHigh TempLow Temp 
>= 901 day 
>= 806 days0 days 
<= 320 days0 days 
<= 00 days0 days 


DayHigh HumidityLow HumidityAvg HumidityHigh Dew PointLow Dew PointAvg Dew Point
Sep 0178%39%59%65.3°48.6°57.0°
Sep 0286%38%64%66.2°58.1°62.8°
Sep 0384%49%68%65.1°44.0°48.3°
Sep 0491%63%79%51.6°45.7°48.5°
Sep 0592%57%81%56.5°44.2°49.9°
Sep 0691%67%80%61.4°46.5°54.1°
Sep 0789%62%75%61.5°52.2°57.7°
Sep 0886%35%67%65.7°54.1°59.4°
Sep 0990%51%78%66.3°55.8°61.6°
Sep 1094%85%91%57.9°53.2°55.4°
Sep 1199%77%89%55.8°52.6°54.4°
Sep 1285%69%77%56.2°48.1°53.8°
Sep 1382%48%70%58.8°42.7°50.3°
Sep 1485%53%68%50.3°40.4°44.9°
Sep 1589%57%76%64.6°41.6°53.3°
Sep 16100%82%94%66.2°60.5°62.8°
Sep 1791%52%79%67.0°60.2°63.1°
Sep 1894%71%83%66.8°54.1°62.2°
Sep 1990%58%78%61.9°53.7°57.6°
Sep 2090%50%66%66.3°52.4°59.1°
Sep 2188%43%70%66.3°42.5°51.7°
Sep 2288%55%73%44.2°35.9°40.5°
Sep 2390%45%69%46.8°35.8°41.3°
Sep 2492%67%85%50.7°43.7°47.9°
Sep 2594%56%84%51.5°43.9°48.1°
Sep 2691%78%88%48.7°41.4°46.2°
Sep 2792%63%83%42.8°33.7°39.6°
Sep 2877%70%75%37.8°35.0°36.5°
SUMMARYHigh HumidityLow HumidityAvg HumidityHigh Dew PointLow Dew PointAvg Dew Point


DayHigh SustainedLow SustainedAvg SustainedHigh GustLow GustAvg GustAvg DirectionWind Run
Sep 017.0 mph0.0 mph2.9 mph18.0 mph0.0 mph8.0 mph241° WSW70.4 mi
Sep 0214.0 mph1.0 mph6.4 mph35.0 mph3.0 mph17.1 mph215° SW153.6 mi
Sep 0310.0 mph0.0 mph6.1 mph23.0 mph0.0 mph14.7 mph347° NNW146.7 mi
Sep 045.0 mph0.0 mph1.8 mph12.0 mph0.0 mph5.4 mph36° NE43.3 mi
Sep 055.0 mph0.0 mph1.3 mph9.0 mph0.0 mph3.8 mph49° NE31.3 mi
Sep 065.0 mph0.0 mph1.1 mph13.0 mph0.0 mph3.8 mph104° ESE27.0 mi
Sep 079.0 mph0.0 mph2.3 mph18.0 mph0.0 mph6.2 mph339° NNW55.1 mi
Sep 0812.0 mph0.0 mph5.4 mph32.0 mph0.0 mph14.6 mph193° SSW129.7 mi
Sep 0912.0 mph0.0 mph5.5 mph25.0 mph0.0 mph14.2 mph246° WSW131.9 mi
Sep 105.0 mph0.0 mph1.9 mph14.0 mph0.0 mph5.3 mph335° NNW44.4 mi
Sep 118.0 mph0.0 mph4.2 mph17.0 mph0.0 mph9.9 mph334° NNW100.6 mi
Sep 128.0 mph1.0 mph4.2 mph18.0 mph1.0 mph10.6 mph357° N100.8 mi
Sep 139.0 mph0.0 mph3.5 mph20.0 mph0.0 mph8.6 mph333° NNW82.9 mi
Sep 147.0 mph0.0 mph3.7 mph17.0 mph0.0 mph10.4 mph26° NNE89.8 mi
Sep 1511.0 mph0.0 mph3.4 mph26.0 mph0.0 mph9.6 mph199° SSW82.2 mi
Sep 166.0 mph0.0 mph1.4 mph14.0 mph0.0 mph4.4 mph69° ENE34.2 mi
Sep 179.0 mph0.0 mph3.6 mph21.0 mph0.0 mph9.9 mph212° SSW86.3 mi
Sep 188.0 mph0.0 mph2.1 mph17.0 mph0.0 mph6.0 mph315° NW50.2 mi
Sep 199.0 mph0.0 mph3.0 mph17.0 mph0.0 mph7.9 mph295° WNW71.7 mi
Sep 208.0 mph0.0 mph3.4 mph21.0 mph0.0 mph9.8 mph223° SW81.8 mi
Sep 2113.0 mph0.0 mph6.7 mph28.0 mph0.0 mph16.6 mph300° WNW161.1 mi
Sep 2212.0 mph1.0 mph6.9 mph24.0 mph1.0 mph15.6 mph326° NW166.2 mi
Sep 238.0 mph0.0 mph3.3 mph17.0 mph0.0 mph8.7 mph225° SW78.3 mi
Sep 245.0 mph0.0 mph1.2 mph12.0 mph0.0 mph4.0 mph187° S29.4 mi
Sep 259.0 mph0.0 mph2.4 mph19.0 mph0.0 mph6.9 mph306° NW56.8 mi
Sep 2612.0 mph4.0 mph9.3 mph32.0 mph11.0 mph21.5 mph318° NW222.6 mi
Sep 2711.0 mph5.0 mph8.1 mph26.0 mph14.0 mph19.7 mph344° NNW193.7 mi
Sep 289.0 mph3.0 mph5.5 mph22.0 mph8.0 mph14.8 mph5° N49.6 mi
SUMMARYHigh SustainedLow SustainedAvg SustainedHigh GustLow GustAvg GustAvg DirectionWind Run
Max14.0 mph5.0 mph9.3 mph35.0 mph14.0 mph21.5 mph222.6 mi
Min5.0 mph0.0 mph1.1 mph9.0 mph0.0 mph3.8 mph27.0 mi
Avg8.8 mph0.5 mph3.9 mph20.3 mph1.4 mph10.2 mph305° NW91.8 mi
Total2571.3 mi


Sep 010.00"0.0"
Sep 020.00"0.0"
Sep 030.00"0.0"
Sep 040.00"0.0"
Sep 050.00"0.0"
Sep 060.00"0.0"
Sep 070.00"0.0"
Sep 080.00"0.0"
Sep 090.00"0.0"
Sep 100.83"0.0"
Sep 110.00"0.0"
Sep 120.01"0.0"
Sep 130.00"0.0"
Sep 140.00"0.0"
Sep 150.02"0.0"
Sep 160.12"0.0"
Sep 170.03"0.0"
Sep 180.00"0.0"
Sep 190.00"0.0"
Sep 200.00"0.0"
Sep 210.29"0.0"
Sep 220.07"0.0"
Sep 230.00"0.0"
Sep 240.11"0.0"
Sep 250.40"0.0"
Sep 260.65"0.0"
Sep 270.31"0.0"
Sep 280.00"0.0"
>= 0.01"11 days
>= 0.10"7 days0 days
>= 1"0 days0 days
>= 4"0 days0 days
>= 8"0 days


DayHigh PressureLow PressureAvg Pressure
Sep 0129.98"29.86"29.92"
Sep 0229.95"29.79"29.85"
Sep 0330.32"29.94"30.21"
Sep 0430.33"30.22"30.28"
Sep 0530.25"30.16"30.21"
Sep 0630.20"30.12"30.17"
Sep 0730.19"30.07"30.13"
Sep 0830.07"29.69"29.89"
Sep 0929.97"29.75"29.83"
Sep 1030.16"29.96"30.08"
Sep 1130.16"29.99"30.11"
Sep 1230.00"29.85"29.91"
Sep 1330.03"29.82"29.89"
Sep 1430.28"30.03"30.19"
Sep 1530.29"29.99"30.14"
Sep 1630.09"29.99"30.05"
Sep 1729.99"29.82"29.90"
Sep 1829.88"29.78"29.82"
Sep 1929.96"29.87"29.92"
Sep 2029.95"29.77"29.85"
Sep 2129.99"29.71"29.81"
Sep 2230.25"29.98"30.16"
Sep 2330.26"30.04"30.16"
Sep 2430.04"29.76"29.89"
Sep 2529.76"29.63"29.69"
Sep 2629.90"29.61"29.76"
Sep 2730.34"29.89"30.10"
Sep 2830.46"30.33"30.39"
SUMMARYHigh PressureLow PressureAvg Pressure


DayHigh UVDaytime Avg UVHigh RadiationDaytime Avg RadiationTotal Radiation
Sep 017.02.9865 W/m2397 W/m219.09 MJ/m2
Sep 026.72.9761 W/m2401 W/m219.18 MJ/m2
Sep 037.01.91002 W/m2260 W/m212.41 MJ/m2
Sep 047.12.7947 W/m2411 W/m219.51 MJ/m2
Sep 056.32.7784 W/m2413 W/m219.55 MJ/m2
Sep 066.32.7802 W/m2402 W/m218.97 MJ/m2
Sep 076.42.7752 W/m2384 W/m218.04 MJ/m2
Sep 085.52.4705 W/m2361 W/m216.88 MJ/m2
Sep 095.62.0796 W/m2297 W/m213.86 MJ/m2
Sep 101.10.3127 W/m246 W/m22.15 MJ/m2
Sep 116.01.31048 W/m2184 W/m28.47 MJ/m2
Sep 126.11.5802 W/m2183 W/m28.40 MJ/m2
Sep 135.52.4719 W/m2353 W/m216.17 MJ/m2
Sep 145.62.1921 W/m2337 W/m215.36 MJ/m2
Sep 155.51.6802 W/m2236 W/m210.71 MJ/m2
Sep 164.80.9773 W/m2127 W/m25.72 MJ/m2
Sep 176.02.2863 W/m2303 W/m213.64 MJ/m2
Sep 184.01.1733 W/m2143 W/m26.41 MJ/m2
Sep 195.22.0809 W/m2297 W/m213.22 MJ/m2
Sep 205.62.4679 W/m2345 W/m215.33 MJ/m2
Sep 215.81.9969 W/m2300 W/m213.21 MJ/m2
Sep 225.31.51016 W/m2253 W/m211.14 MJ/m2
Sep 235.71.8928 W/m2276 W/m212.09 MJ/m2
Sep 241.70.4232 W/m270 W/m23.06 MJ/m2
Sep 254.21.2842 W/m2176 W/m27.65 MJ/m2
Sep 262.30.6315 W/m2104 W/m24.49 MJ/m2
Sep 271.60.5248 W/m280 W/m23.44 MJ/m2
Sep 280.00.0107 W/m240 W/m20.18 MJ/m2
SUMMARYHigh UVDaytime Avg UVHigh RadiationDaytime Avg RadiationTotal Radiation
Max7.12.91048 W/m2413 W/m219.55 MJ/m2
Min0.00.0107 W/m240 W/m20.18 MJ/m2
Avg5.01.8727 W/m2266 W/m211.73 MJ/m2
Total328.36 MJ/m2
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Yearly History


MonthHigh TempLow TempAvg (NWS)AvgHDDCDDHigh Heat IndexAvg Heat IndexLow Wind ChillAvg Wind Chill
SUMMARYHigh TempLow TempAvg (NWS)AvgHDDCDDHigh Heat IndexAvg Heat IndexLow Wind ChillAvg Wind Chill
ThresholdsHigh TempLow Temp 
>= 903 days 
>= 8037 days0 days 
<= 3269 days109 days 
<= 00 days8 days 


MonthHigh HumidityLow HumidityAvg HumidityHigh Dew PointLow Dew PointAvg Dew Point
SUMMARYHigh HumidityLow HumidityAvg HumidityHigh Dew PointLow Dew PointAvg Dew Point


MonthHigh SustainedAvg SustainedHigh GustAvg GustAvg DirectionWind Run
Jan20.0 mph5.7 mph42.0 mph13.7 mph271° W4218.7 mi
Feb18.0 mph5.8 mph47.0 mph13.9 mph289° WNW3905.7 mi
Mar16.0 mph5.1 mph35.0 mph12.0 mph304° WNW3800.3 mi
Apr18.0 mph4.7 mph35.0 mph11.6 mph262° W3375.2 mi
May23.0 mph4.0 mph49.0 mph10.3 mph172° S2954.4 mi
Jun15.0 mph3.9 mph35.0 mph10.4 mph247° WSW2811.7 mi
Jul13.0 mph3.3 mph31.0 mph8.8 mph280° W2423.7 mi
Aug19.0 mph3.2 mph42.0 mph8.7 mph279° W2416.0 mi
Sep14.0 mph3.9 mph35.0 mph10.2 mph305° NW2571.3 mi
SUMMARYHigh SustainedAvg SustainedHigh GustAvg GustAvg DirectionWind Run
Max23.0 mph5.8 mph49.0 mph13.9 mph4218.7 mi
Min13.0 mph3.2 mph31.0 mph8.7 mph2416.0 mi
Avg17.3 mph4.4 mph39.0 mph11.1 mph280° W3169.9 mi
Total28477.0 mi


>= 0.01"107 days
>= 0.10"56 days41 days
>= 1"3 days21 days
>= 4"0 days2 days
>= 8"2 days


MonthHigh PressureLow PressureAvg Pressure
SUMMARYHigh PressureLow PressureAvg Pressure


MonthHigh UVDaytime Avg UVHigh RadiationDaytime Avg RadiationTotal Radiation
Jan2.00.4598 W/m2126 W/m2128.31 MJ/m2
Feb3.70.7891 W/m2173 W/m2181.61 MJ/m2
Mar4.61.11004 W/m2228 W/m2305.29 MJ/m2
Apr7.41.51199 W/m2253 W/m2373.81 MJ/m2
May8.72.21311 W/m2329 W/m2554.89 MJ/m2
Jun10.22.51267 W/m2354 W/m2605.36 MJ/m2
Jul9.52.81215 W/m2382 W/m2659.30 MJ/m2
Aug8.82.51076 W/m2339 W/m2536.89 MJ/m2
Sep7.11.81048 W/m2266 W/m2328.36 MJ/m2
SUMMARYHigh UVDaytime Avg UVHigh RadiationDaytime Avg RadiationTotal Radiation
Max10.22.81311 W/m2382 W/m2659.30 MJ/m2
Min2.00.4598 W/m2126 W/m2128.31 MJ/m2
Avg6.91.71068 W/m2272 W/m2408.20 MJ/m2
Total3673.82 MJ/m2
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Marquette, MI Normals

Month TempHi TempLo TempAv Depart Rain Snow
January 24.6° F 12.4° F 18.5° F -0.5° F 1.86" 25.1"
February 26.9° F 12.5° F 19.7° F -0.1° F 1.47" 20.9"
March 35.3° F 21.0° F 28.2° F 0.1° F 1.59" 14.2"
April 45.8° F 31.0° F 38.4° F 1.0° F 2.74" 8.4"
May 58.7° F 40.8° F 49.8° F 2.9° F 2.90" 0.3"
June 67.9° F 50.1° F 59.0° F 2.8° F 3.05" 0.0"
July 74.6° F 57.7° F 66.2° F 1.7° F 3.11" 0.0"
August 74.3° F 58.1° F 66.2° F 0.5° F 2.31" 0.0"
September 67.3° F 51.6° F 59.4° F 0.5° F 3.34" 0.0"
October 53.9° F 40.0° F 47.0° F -0.3° F 3.43" 0.9"
November 40.6° F 28.5° F 34.5° F -0.3° F 2.42" 11.1"
December 30.2° F 18.6° F 24.4° F -0.4° F 1.98" 21.1"
SUMMARY TempHi TempLo TempAv Depart Rain Snow
Avg 50.0° F 35.2° F 42.6° F 0.65
Total 30.2" 102.0"
Based on official Marquette NOAA COOP station averages 1991-2020
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Station Records


Highest recorded temperature: 95.2 °F on Jun 6, 2021
Lowest recorded temperature: -14.7 °F on Jan 31, 2019
Total recorded temperature range: 109.9 °F

Highest recorded pressure: 30.83 inHg on Jan 13, 2017
Lowest recorded pressure: 28.78 inHg on Dec 24, 2015
Total recorded pressure range: 2.05 inHg

Highest recorded wind speed: 51.0 MPH on Feb 24, 2019

Wettest day on record: Sep 5, 2018 with 3.11 in of rain.

Sunniest day on record: Jun 14, 2020 with 12.1 hours of sunshine.

Official Weather Data

Forecast Accuracy

Check the accuracy of forecasted temperatures

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  • The above data, with the exception of normals, are produced by a private weather station located 1/4 mile south of downtown Marquette. The station went online July 10, 2015.
  • If you're seeking official weather data for the Marquette COOP station (1857 - present), please visit NOAA NOWData.
  • Graphs at the top are linked to larger, more detailed views that in some cases add information. These larger versions update every 5 minutes. Smaller graphs are updated every minute.
  • Daily and monthly history tables are updated every 5 minutes. Yearly histories are updated at the top of every hour.


  • "NWS" averages are the sum of the daily high temperature & daily low temperature in whole degrees divided by 2. This is the National Weather Service method used for climatological summaries. All other fields labelled "Avg" contain integrated averages using one minute samples. "Avg" labelled summary columns contain weighted means (i.e. a partial hour/day/month counts less than a full one).
  • CDD = Cooling Degree Days & HDD = Heating Degree Days. Degree days are calculated using daily NWS averages compared to a base value of 65°. For example, a day with an avg temperature of 67.7° will have 2.7 CDDs & 0 HDDs. A 33.2° avg temperature will produce 31.8 HDDs & 0 CDDs.
  • In the daily & monthly history tables, "Wind Chill" appears only October through April. It is calculated when the temperature is 45 or below and sustained wind speed is at least 3 mph. Otherwise, it equals the temperature. Likewise, "Heat Index" appears only May through September. It is calculated only when the temperature is 80 or above. Otherwise, it equals the temperature.


  • "Sustained" wind is the rolling 10 minute average sustained wind speed.
  • "Wind Dir" is a scalar average of direction irrespective of speed. However, calm winds do not have a valid direction and are not included in the average.
  • "Wind Run" uses the 10 minute wind average.
  • "Low Sustained" & "Low Max" wind values are omitted from the yearly history table since every field equals 0.
  • Anemometer (wind gauge) was raised from 20 ft to 28 ft on June 18, 2017

Humidity / Dew Point

  • As of July 2018 daily, monthly, and yearly history tables contain corrected humidities and dew points. A custom correction curve addresses a dry bias above 95% and a wet bias below 92% inherent to the sensor. A third-party device accurate to within 2% humidity established the deltas used in the algorithm. The daily table contains up-to-date corrections for today. The monthly and yearly tables have corrections through yesterday (updated just after midnight each morning).
  • The smaller embedded 24 hour graphs contain uncorrected humidities & dew points. The detailed, larger graphics (available by clicking image) contain corrected values.


  • "Liquid" precipitation in the winter is the amount of melted snow and/or ice.
  • Daily snowfall record keeping began in October 2017.
  • Starting in the fall of 2019 snowfall measurements for the current season also appear on the Snow Measurements page. This is where you will find break outs of all intraday measurements & estimates when measurement was insufficient or impossible.
  • Snowfall measurements occur as time, health, and weather permits.
  • The daily precipitation table doesn't contain hourly reports because often we correct the total with a measurement from our manual gauge. Unfortunately, when that happens, we have no way of reconstructing hourly amounts. For a raw, uncorrected breakdown of rain over the past 24 hours please see the precipitation graph at the top of the page.


  • Since January 15, 2018, pressure is recorded in altimeter format. The home page, however, continues to display "Barometer" in MSLP format by default.


  • UV index measurement began June 6, 2020. Sensor detects ultraviolet radiation at wavelengths of 290 to 390 nm. Scale is 0-16 (but never gets above 11 in Marquette).
  • Solar radiation measurement began June 11, 2020. Scale for solar radiation is 0 - 1800 Watts per meter squared. This measurement of the sun's energy (detected between 300 and 1100 nanometers wavelength) can approximate daylight cloud cover relative to clear days for a given time of year. It's also useful for determining solar electricity generation and aerosol levels (pollution, smoke, dust, ash, etc).
  • The daily table summary footer for this tab omits "Min" since every value is always 0. Instead you'll see a "Daytime Avg" row displaying weighted averages of all hourly maximums, minimums, and averages between sunrise & sunset.
  • In monthly & yearly tables, you'll see a "Daytime Avg" column containing daylight averages. The "Min" column will be entirely missing since every value would be 0.
  • Total Radiation is measured in Megajoules (1,000,000 J) per meter squared.


  • "Depart" in the Normals table refers to the average departure (or difference) between our weather station and the official Marquette average temperature recorded at the Water Filtration Plant on Lakeshore Dr. These numbers are updated monthly based on data beginning August 2015 (first full month of data collection).
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