Almanac Change

To enhance readability, the Almanac section on the main page (“City”) now has rounded temperatures. This should make it easier to scan that information quickly.

If you’re looking for exact temperatures in tenths of a degree, please visit weather history for a complete archive of past conditions.

Merry Christmas!

Small Bug Fix on Main Page

For the past week or so, if you clicked on Page Options (wheel icon) in the upper right corner of the home page (a.k.a. “City”) and selected “metric” units, you couldn’t return to “imperial” units. The only way to see imperial units of measure (Fahrenheit, inches, mph, etc) on the home page after selecting metric would have been to clear your browser’s cookies.

Visitors should now be able to toggle between the two options at will without issue.

Sorry about that!

Rethinking Snow Measurements

Earlier I announced the end of snow measurements. Well, after thinking it over some more, I decided on a compromise solution. I will continue measuring snow but only as time, weather, and health permits. This may or may not happen at 8 AM each morning. I may skip days entirely. Or I may just put in an estimate if the wind has wreaked havoc on the measurement area. After all, these are unofficial numbers intended to give an example of what’s happening in the city.

I’ve created a new Snow Measurements page which will list any and all measurements throughout the season (October 1 – May 31).

Hope everyone enjoys the info!

No More Snow Measurements

Unfortunately, I have decided to discontinue snow measurements. Last winter finally persuaded me of the limits of collecting and tabulating daily snowfall — even on a double city lot. The wind eddies around nearby structures result in huge drifts when winds gust upwards of 40 mph. As Marquetters know, this is an all too common event in the winter, particularly when storms come off Lake Superior. It then becomes very difficult or even impossible to separate drifted from newly fallen snow. Sometimes the snow boards are simply blown clean. Taking measurements from multiple locations won’t improve matters when everywhere around is subject to the same forces.

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Radar Down from 9/9 – 9/13

The National Weather Service Marquette will be replacing some radar equipment starting Monday September 9th through Friday September 13th. During that time, you will see a “Down for Maintenance” indicator where the radar image typically resides on our home page.

For more info, see their blog article:


UPDATE 9/11/19: Apparently the NWS radar techs wrapped up their work 2 days early. The radar was returned to service this afternoon.