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John & Monique

Welcome to our new blog!

Two and a half years ago my wife and I started this site to provide the community with a free, one-stop weather resource. We felt that the City of Marquette wasn’t being adequately served by the available weather websites and apps.

The site has grown tremendously. We thought it was time to share a bit more and, perhaps, hear from you. The first time you comment, it will be reviewed (to cut down on spam). If approved, future comments will be posted directly to the page without approval.*

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a kind of community water cooler? Everyone loves to talk about the weather! 

* We reserve the right to edit or remove comments if they are disrespectful toward others.

One thought on “Let’s Talk Weather

  • Thankyou for putting up this site. It’s format allows you to quickly make sense of the weather we’re experiencing in Marquette rather than the weather being experienced uphill in Neguanee or KI Sawyer.

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