Live Blog (January 18-20, 2020)

  • 1/20 08:00 AM:
    Skies are finally clear. The moon is up in the SE sky. Snowfall has ceased! Picked up an additional 0.2″ overnight to bring our final storm total to 11.3″.
  • 1/19 10:15 PM:
    The dry air that was supposed to enter the area by midday never happened. Instead, we’ve seen a steady stream of light, lake-effect snow. 0.4″ has fallen today and continues falling at this hour. This brings our storm total to 11.1″.
  • 1/19 2:50 PM:
    Light, intermittent snow showers continue coming in off Lake Superior, but, so far, it hasn’t been accumulating. The weekend storm total remains 10.7″ since Friday night (1/17). If you’re thinking of waiting until the holiday tomorrow to clear snow, that’s not a bad plan. Winds will be lighter, and the sun should come out.
  • 1/19 11:00 AM:
    Only a trace of additional snow since 7:30 AM. Snowfall is now intermittent with peaks of blue skies and sunshine. Looks like the storm is finally wrapping up.
  • 1/19 10:00 AM:
    Seeing some localized blowing snow. Gusts have been around 20 mph this morning.
  • 1/19 7:45 AM:
    2.4″ of fresh snow fell between 11:15 PM last night and 7:30 AM. Storm total is now up to 10.7″. Light to moderate snowfall continues this morning. Snow should end by noon but winds will remain brisk.
  • 1/18 11:30 PM:
    Another 1″ of snow has fallen in the last 3 hours bringing our storm total to 8.3″. Models show another 1″ mostly falling before daybreak. Wouldn’t be surprised if that turns into 2+” by 8 AM.
  • 1/18 8:20 PM:
    We picked up 1.3″ of additional snowfall from 2 PM to 8 PM. Event total so far: 7.3″. Meanwhile, lake-effect snow showers are underway and should intensify as the night wears on. I’ll take one more measurement before midnight.
  • 1/18 4:40 PM:
    Pressure is now rising. Winds directions are wobbling from north to northwest. Winds should stabilize to northerly eventually. There may be a bit of a lull for a few hours while lake-effect snowfall conditions optimize (faster winds, cooler temps, etc). Next snow measurement: 8 PM.
  • 1/18 2:15 PM:
    Additional 0.6″ measured at 2:00 PM bringing storm total to 6.0″. Expecting pressure to bottom out in the next couple hours. Winds will turn to the north and increase in speed as lake-effect snow commences. Could see heavy snowfall again this evening and/or overnight.
  • 1/18 12:10 PM:
    Snuck outside at noon for a preliminary measurement following heavy snowfall. Recorded an additional 3.7″ since 8 AM. That brings the storm total to 5.4″.
  • 1/18 10:35 AM:
    A heavy band of snowfall has dropped visibility to 1/4 mile. Meanwhile, wind speeds have been trending down all morning. Expect a directional change this afternoon. That’s when Lake Superior starts to get involved.
  • 1/18 8:00 AM:
    1.7″ measured since snow started flying last night. It’s fairly lightweight & shouldn’t be too difficult to shovel. I’ll take another measurement at 2 PM.

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