Dark Sky Radar Removed

Well, the Dark Sky radar widget on the home page has finally gone… dark. As part of Apple’s buyout of Dark Sky all their web maps have been disabled. I’m thinking it happened the 1st of the year (not exactly sure, though).

As such, I have removed that feature from the City (home) page.

The good news is that we have a fully-functioning Maps page with a large, multi-functional, interactive map provided courtesy of Windy. You can view up to the last 12 hours of radar history to see the progression of any precipitation.

Maps page bugs… squashed!

Previously when scrolling the maps page it would sometimes refresh the “Interactive Radar” map.

Also, on smaller viewports (like phones), the map was zoomed in too far. It was difficult to tell if precipitation was nearby but out of view.

Pinching the map to zoom in or out was also difficult and would lead to unwanted refreshes.

I believe all those unwanted behaviors are gone now. In addition, I have made the default zoom level of the map just a bit less.

The map will only change size (& refresh) when you change your device’s orientation (to portrait or landscape). Otherwise, it will remain whatever size it was when you first loaded the page.

A New Interactive Radar Map

New Maps PageLast December we had to remove the radar imagery that appeared on the home page (for most devices). This was due to the recent overhaul of radar data by the National Weather Service.

Since then I’ve been looking for a replacement radar interface that was free and didn’t track end users.

It turns out that, a weather enthusiast site I subscribe to that provides all manner of modeled weather data, offers a ready-made widget that will, among other things, display current and past radar conditions. You’ll find this zoomable radar on our Maps page.

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Radar Changes

The National Weather Service has changed the method radar imagery is delivered. Unfortunately, that means, for the indefinite future, we will not be able to feature a static radar image on the home page.

For the time being, we offer two radar options: Weather Underground’s animated radar and Dark Sky’s static radar. These are available in the “Enhanced Radar” selector immediately beneath the quick forecast icons. There may come a time when these alternatives also cease to function.

We are searching out other possibilities for radar imagery. Please bear with us as this is beyond our control. Thank you!

Radar Offline Until July 24th

Beginning Monday July 13th the radar will be down for maintenance until sometime on or around Friday July 24th. Technicians will be swapping out the pedestal underneath the radome (giant soccer ball) you see near the old County Airport location on US-41 in Negaunee Township. See this NWS blog article for more information.

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